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Support components[επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Redstone Support

SB (stationary block) SB-u (stationary block above component)
MB (movable block) MB-u (movable block above component)
ts (top slab) ts-u (top slab above component) ts-$ (top slab, side view)
SL (slime block) SL-u (slime block above component)
input output duplex

Power components[επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Block of Redstone

BR, block of redstone BR-u (block of redstone above component)


sb-n sb-s sb-e sb-w sb-$n sb-$e sb-$w
wb-n wb-s wb-e wb-w wb-$n wb-$e wb-$w

Daylight Sensor

ds ds-$


le-n, le-$u   le-s, le-$d   le-e  le-w  le-$n, le-d   le-$e  le-$w 
le-n!, le-$u! le-s!, le-$d! le-e! le-w! le-$n!, le-d! le-$e! le-$w!

Pressure Plates
Weighted Pressure Plates

spp wpp gpp ipp
spp-$ wpp-$ gpp-$ ipp-$

Redstone Torch

rt   rt-n  rt-s  rt-e  rt-w 
rt-! rt-n! rt-s! rt-e! rt-w!
rt-$  rt-$n  rt-$e  rt-$w 
rt-$! rt-$n! rt-$e! rt-$w!

Tripwire Hook

th-n th-s th-e th-w th-$n th-$e th-$w
tw-ew tw-ns tw-nsew tw-$ew tw-$ns

Transmission components[επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Redstone Comparator

rc-n  rc-s  rc-e  rc-w  rc-n!  rc-s!  rc-e!  rc-w! 
rs-n  rs-s  rs-e  rs-w  rs-n!  rs-s!  rs-e!  rs-w! 
rc-$e rc-$w rs-$e rs-$w rc-$e! rc-$w! rs-$e! rs-$w!

Note: rc for comparison mode, rs for subtraction mode.

Redstone Dust

rd      rd-nse  rd-new  rd-nsw  rd-sew  rd-nsew  rd-$
rd-ns   rd-ne   rd-nw   rd-se   rd-sw   rd-ew  
rd-!    rd-nse! rd-new! rd-nsw! rd-sew! rd-nsew! rd-$!
rd-ns!  rd-ne!  rd-nw!  rd-se!  rd-sw!  rd-ew! 

Redstone Repeater

rr-e1 rr-e2 rr-e3 rr-e4 rr-e1! rr-e2! rr-e3! rr-e4!
rr-n1 rr-n2 rr-n3 rr-n4 rr-n1! rr-n2! rr-n3! rr-n4!
rr-w1 rr-w2 rr-w3 rr-w4 rr-w1! rr-w2! rr-w3! rr-w4!
rr-s1 rr-s2 rr-s3 rr-s4 rr-s1! rr-s2! rr-s3! rr-s4!
lr-e1 lr-e2 lr-e3 lr-e4 lr-e1! lr-e2! lr-e3! lr-e4!
lr-n1 lr-n2 lr-n3 lr-n4 lr-n1! lr-n2! lr-n3! lr-n4!
lr-w1 lr-w2 lr-w3 lr-w4 lr-w1! lr-w2! lr-w3! lr-w4!
lr-s1 lr-s2 lr-s3 lr-s4 lr-s1! lr-s2! lr-s3! lr-s4!
rr-$e1 rr-$e2 rr-$e3 rr-$e4 rr-$e1! rr-$e2! rr-$e3! rr-$e4!
rr-$w1 rr-$w2 rr-$w3 rr-$w4 rr-$w1! rr-$w2! rr-$w3! rr-$w4!
lr-$e1 lr-$e2 lr-$e3 lr-$e4 lr-$e1! lr-$e2! lr-$e3! lr-$e4!
lr-$w1 lr-$w2 lr-$w3 lr-$w4 lr-$w1! lr-$w2! lr-$w3! lr-$w4!

Note: rr for unlocked repeaters, lr for locked repeaters.

Mechanism components[επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Command Block



Di-n  Di-s  Di-e  Di-w  Di-u  Di-d 
Di-$n Di-$s Di-$e Di-$w Di-$u Di-$d


wd-n wd-s wd-e wd-w wd-$nu wd-$eu wd-$wu wd-$nu wd-$eu wd-$wu
id-n id-s id-e id-w wd-$nd wd-$ed wd-$wd wd-$nd wd-$ed wd-$wd


Dr-n  Dr-s  Dr-e  Dr-w  Dr-u  Dr-d 
Dr-$n Dr-$s Dr-$e Dr-$w Dr-$u Dr-$d

Fence Gate

fg-ns  fg-ew  fg-ns!  fg-ew! 
fg-$ns fg-$ew fg-$ns! fg-$ew!


ho-n  ho-s  ho-e  ho-w  ho-d 
ho-$n ho-$s ho-$e ho-$w ho-$d

Note Block



pi-n, pi-$u   pi-s, pi-$d   pi-e, pi-$e   pi-w, pi-$w   pi-u, pi-$s   pi-d, pi-$n  
pi-n!, pi-$u! pi-s!, pi-$d! pi-e!, pi-$e! pi-w!, pi-$w! pi-u!, pi-$s! pi-d!, pi-$n!
pe-n, pe-$u   pe-s, pe-$d   pe-e, pe-$e   pe-w, pe-$w   pe-u, pe-$s   pe-d, pe-$n  

Redstone Lamp


Sticky Piston

sp-n, sp-$u   sp-s, sp-$d   sp-e, sp-$e   sp-w, sp-$w   sp-u, sp-$s   sp-d, sp-$n  
sp-n!, sp-$u! sp-s!, sp-$d! sp-e!, sp-$e! sp-w!, sp-$w! sp-u!, sp-$s! sp-d!, sp-$n!
se-n, se-$u   se-s, se-$d   se-e, se-$e   se-w, se-$w   se-u, se-$s   se-d, se-$n  


tnt tnt-$


td-u  td-d  td-n!  td-e!  td-w!  td-s! 
td-$u td-$d td-$n! td-$e! td-$w!