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Release date

December 17, 2012[1]

Pre-release for




1.4.6-pre is the pre-release for 1.4.6.


Changes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • Added an option to toggle touchscreen mode
  • When a player hits another player from far away with bow it makes a high pitched sound

Fixes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

38 bugs fixed

  • Fixed mouse wrongly positioned in fullscreen

From released versions before 1.4.6

  • MC-429 – When a bat flies through the water, it gets stuck, and it will stay stuck
  • MC-679 – Water splash sound gets overridden by other sounds
  • MC-756 – Player not shown in actual location after breaking boat
  • MC-833 – Lost Inventory Items
  • MC-971 – Mis-identified server version
  • MC-1005 – Fresh install of 1.4.2 on fresh install of OSX 10.6.8 hangs
  • MC-1347 – Items do not "update looks" when stacked on ground
  • MC-1348 – Dropped items only auto-stack when moving, not when going through portals
  • MC-1599 – File Handle leak in RegionFileCache (MCP)
  • MC-1734 – Duplicating Sand/Gravel/Dragon Egg still works with tweaks to an existing design
  • MC-1883 – Destroying a Jukebox NPE&Kick
  • MC-1957 – Minecraft graphics messed up
  • MC-2442 – Redstone Directional Bug
  • MC-2568 – Ghost block bug
  • MC-2610 – Game Freezes At The Start Of A Previously Saved Game
  • MC-2622 – Cannot modify the Render Distance setting - Stays at "Far" regardless of changes.
  • MC-2673 – Shift-Clicking smelted ores out of furnace cause minor visual bug
  • MC-2712 – I cannot look around while walking or running unless I jump first. It happens on whatever gamemode I play.
  • MC-2747 – Minecraft client crashs when connection times out
  • MC-2873 – Minecarts disappearing
  • MC-2879 – Error 50% of the time I try to join my server. Failed to login: Error
  • MC-2904 – Zombie Pig Knockback Stunlocks Iron Golem's Defeating their intended purpose
  • MC-3122 – Cannot Change Texture Packs!
  • MC-3255 – blaze fire ball crash
  • MC-3280 – Some textures appear as dark terrain.png images
  • MC-3346 – Minecraft crashing every time I get on for a little while
  • MC-3632 – Game only loads the chunk I'm currently standing on when I log in. Then freezes and crashes. I have attached the bug report.
  • MC-3860 – Client Crashes when underground near piston and redstone machine
  • MC-3899 – Skeletons will come close to attacker
  • MC-3934 – Particle overload when returning from AFK
  • MC-3988 – Slime Audio BUg
  • MC-4432 – Mine Cart Off track and into Walls
  • MC-4784 – Skeletons not retaliating to Iron Golems/Wolves
  • MC-4792 – minecraft crashed, exception world
  • MC-4829 – Game client gets stuck on 'building terrain' screen

From the 1.4.6 snapshots

  • MC-4644 – Mobs running in circles and not jumping when chasing/running away

From the same version

  • MC-4872 – Crash when shot by skeleton

References[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]