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Release date

April 3, 2014

Pre-release for



Client (.json)

1.7.6-pre1 is the first pre-release for 1.7.6.


Changes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

General[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • Skin
    • Skins and capes are now distributed through servers.
      • Skins server outages will occur less frequently and have less impact.[1][2]
      • Skin changes will no longer require client restarting, at worst re-logging will update the skin for everybody.
      • Server-altered skins/capes are not possible - only signed URLs are stored server-side.
      • Duplicate skins no longer need to be downloaded twice.
      • Server traffic will barely be affected.
  • Name Changing
    • Support for name changing.
      • Only the support for changing names, actually being able to change names will come after 1.8 release. [3]
  • Options
    • The Server Resource Packs option is now per-server, and has three settings: Prompt, Enabled, and Disabled.
    • The minimum setting for the FOV option is now 30 instead of 70.

Fixes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

5 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.7.6

  • MC-31468 – Holes in bedrock and Replaced any block using Arbitrary tnt and flame bows
  • MC-33086 - Save-all causes lagspikes on larger maps
  • MC-47723 - Broadcast settings - report to Mojang, links to previous bug reporting facility
  • MC-48826 - "replace" directive in sounds.json does not work
  • MC-51953 - Almost instant motion sickness due to distorted rendering

References[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]