Pocket Edition Alpha 0.11.0 build 3

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Alpha 0.11.0 build 3


Release date

April 14, 2015

Build for

Alpha 0.11.0

Alpha 0.11.0 build 3 is the third build version released for Alpha 0.11.0.


Additions[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • Added cave spider spawn egg

Changes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • Furnaces now drop one stack for each item instead of splitting them up

Fixes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

16 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash when destroying an AddEntityPacket
  • Fixed a crash when opening two browsers for skin windows at the same time
  • Fixed a crash when destroying a furnace with items inside it under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a crash when re-entering a level due to cloud rendering
  • Fixed multiple crashes caused by code incorrectly marked unreachable
  • Fixed the enderman angry animation only being shown on the client
  • Fixed leggings not always being scaled correctly
  • Fixed some translated strings not having their parameters replaced
  • Fixed entities not sending their last movement packet when moving
  • Fixed falling tiles not dropping items if the ticking player was in creative mode
  • Fixed packet ordering (related to batching)

From the 0.11.0 development versions

  • MCPE-8167 - Death in Boat respawns you in boat
  • MCPE-8168 - Crash upon launch
  • MCPE-8200 - Alpha build 2. No cave spider egg
  • MCPE-8273 - Half armor icon renders as a heart on status bar
  • MCPE-8274 - Fence gate sometimes does not connect