Pocket Edition Alpha 0.9.5

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Alpha 0.9.5
Release date

Android - July 24, 2014
iOS - July 27, 2014
Fire OS - July 26, 2014

Alpha 0.9.5 was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in Alpha 0.9.4. For Amazon devices, this version includes changes from 0.9.2, 0.9.3 and 0.9.4.


Additions[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • Biomes:
    • Bryce Mesa
    • Extreme Hills +
    • Jungle M

Changes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • Moss stone can be crafted from a cobblestone + a vine.
  • Version exclusive: Diorite, andesite and granite can craft stone bricks.
  • Players that have been placed at extreme heights by the respawn bugs are now placed back at y=130.
  • (Android) Reduced battery usage by canceling rendering when in the background.
  • Players no longer get stuck in the “Locating Server” screen when the server is full.
  • Animals no longer despawn.
  • Improved performance
  • Increased FPS in older devices

Fixes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

57 bugs fixed

  • Fixed many problems caused by locking the device, such as freezing, crashing, world corruption and more (Android)
  • Fixed a graphical corruption issue (missing chunks, corrupted chunks and animals) that happened when switching away from the game (Android)
  • Fixed chunks not loading in multiplayer when the client device is slower than the server
  • Fixed a crash when loading flat worlds after updating from 0.9.0/2
  • Fixed a possible server crash when a player disconnects from a multiplayer world
  • Fixed a possible crash or corruption when playing in multiplayer as a client
  • Fixed fountains’ water in strongholds
  • Fixed missing textures (Amazon Fire TV)

From released versions before 0.9.5

  • MCPE-1030 - Glass panes stick to edge of world
  • MCPE-1033 - Breaking a torch adjacent to an open door will close the door
  • MCPE-2131 - Baby Animals running look weird
  • MCPE-4529 - Torch Glitch
  • MCPE-5741 - Rendering bug on far objects
  • MCPE-6259 - There are no particles and we can't see the sun and clouds under water.
  • MCPE-6584 - Cant ignite many TNT's in some situations
  • MCPE-6596 - Blocks placed down turns into a different block (Multiplayer)
  • MCPE-6603 - Nether reactor core description missing period
  • MCPE-6606 - Light gray dye description wrong
  • MCPE-6626 - Breaking Animation slightly shakes
  • MCPE-6637 - Infinite Multiplayer Bonemeal
  • MCPE-6644 - No beet roots on creative
  • MCPE-6660 - after I downloaded maps I played them then when I was done with the maps I couldn't delete some of them I don't know if it only happens to me if it only happens to me sorry
  • MCPE-6731 - iOS in-game keyboard - RAM consumption
  • MCPE-6765 - Sugar Cane not disappearing
  • MCPE-6777 - hard to explain, i caught it on video, 3:12 - 3:52 [1] - really weird bug when TNT exploded and was resolved once reloaded the map.
  • MCPE-6785 - The cacti block when it updates it wont pop off the cacti it just stays there
  • MCPE-6804 - In creative mode if you fly at cloud level you can fly out of the world on all devices
  • MCPE-6823 - crashes when you press play
  • MCPE-6824 - unable to join external server
  • MCPE-6845 - Torches Too Dark
  • MCPE-6846 - Player Disappear Above Hight Limit
  • MCPE-6887 - Animals don't spawn
  • MCPE-6927 - Mobs dont spawn with full health
  • MCPE-6932 - no description for cobblestonewall
  • MCPE-6936 - Chest,Furnace,and Stonecutter are kickers
  • MCPE-6946 - Doors acting funny
  • MCPE-6953 - can tap through chat box
  • MCPE-7001 - Minecraft PE becomes very laggy when breeding chickens that are swimming/floating in water.
  • MCPE-7029 - Inventory not cleared after falling out of the world
  • MCPE-7067 - Cobwebs can't destroyed by liquid or fire.
  • MCPE-7088 - Typo on description
  • MCPE-7090 - Walk Past The Edge Of All Worlds
  • MCPE-7096 - Incorrect sign 'typing'.
  • MCPE-7142 - Gravel is floating!?!?
  • MCPE-7223 - When you break a block with glass, glass turns red and yellow
  • MCPE-7241 - Stone brick slab name wrong

From the 0.9.0 development versions

  • MCPE-7289 - immersive mode
  • MCPE-7389 - Unusual Enderman glitch
  • MCPE-7395 - podzol named wrongly
  • MCPE-7406 - Cant move camera with "SPLIT CONTROL" + "LEFTY" modes.
  • MCPE-7443 - 0.9.0 beta loads fine on my Nexus 7 (2012) but I cannot open old worlds or create new ones
  • MCPE-7447 - Rendering bug
  • MCPE-7569 - Can't place pumpkins/jack 'o' lanterns on snow blocks
  • MCPE-7637 - Lightbug on the ground of a flat world
  • MCPE-7638 - Crafting error
  • MCPE-7749 - World size attribute is inconsistent
  • MCPE-7752 - Game stuck

Reupload[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Alpha 0.9.5 was reuploaded for Android on July 27, 2014 to fix some bugs.